Faith, Trust, and Sleepydust

The Packages

Individual solutions for individual needs

Sleep training can be a challenging process for families, and this is why we are at your side to support and guide you. We will help you to understand your child's needs, how to address them, and how to deal with struggles that might come along the way when your child grows, so you are confident in your choices and are able to get back on track when life happens. 
We created three basic packages, that are targeted towards our your needs:


Two-Night Package
If your child has a great nap-schedule and is maybe already going to daycare, this sounds like the right package for you. We will stay with you two nights, to make sure bed-time is becoming as easy as nap-time.


48-hour Package
Our standard to-go-to. We will be observing your child for two days during nap and bed-time and showing you how to create the safe environment to get your child to go to bed and sleep through the night. Because rest during the day is a big part of a healthy sleep schedule, we will work with you and your caregivers to get everyone the sleep they need.


72-hour Package
Similar to the 48-hour package, this one has an extra 24 hours, just to be safe. Sometimes needed for older children or when we are working with more than one child. If you book the 48-hour package and you feel you need an extra day with us, the update is possible at any time!


All packages include a four-month follow up plan, where we are available for your questions and feedback. We know that after spending a few days with our sleepfairy, you know exactly how to handle any situation, but we got your back!

Are you ready for some sleepydust?