Faith, Trust, and Sleepydust

Myths & Facts



What is Sleep Training?


The Myths...

Sleep Training is cry-it-out (CIO)
The first question with this is, what is CIO? When we are asked if we do CIO, we check back to see people's understanding of CIO. Mostly, it sounds like they expect to put a baby or child in a crib, close the door, and don't return in the next 12 hours, ignoring any kind of cry or communication. Well, that IS horrible! But we understand parents who are on the edge of harming their child, and have to walk away for a minute. Don't let it get to that point!

You have to stop breastfeeding when you sleep train your baby
How you feed your baby is your choice. And it will stay like that! We work with families who exclusively breastfeed and those who choose to bottle feed from day one. Your parenting choices are important and respected!  When you see your baby wake up for the first time fully rested and not starving, you will realize, that your baby can sleep through the night without being hungry. And if your feeding choice is breastfeeding, we help you reach that goal well rested and relaxed.

Sleep Training is causing bonding issues
If you are tired and sleep deprived, not functioning, and given no possibility to recharge, the chances that you don't enjoy your Little One are pretty high. From postpartum depressions to breastfeeding struggles, lack of sleep can cause real bonding issues. 

The Facts


Problem solving is brain development
We are not 'training' babies to sleep. They are smarter than some may think. As Sleep 'Trainers", we create a safe environment for your baby to figure out how to fall asleep on their own. That is problem solving!
The brain builds connections by figuring things out. Like crawling, sitting, walking... AND sleeping! And don't forget: A good sleep is necessary for our brain to function well.

Better sleep - Healthier life
Sleep deprivation is linked to many health issues. High blood pressure, digestive problems, and depressions are just a few. You AND your baby need a good and healthy sleep.

The Sleepfairy Method

Why does our method work?
There is no one-fits-all! Each child or baby has different needs. Each family has their own way to do things. And we respect that!

By staying with your family, we can see the bigger picture and guide you through the whole process. By observing your Little One closely, we can make sure that everyone gets the perfect care and guidance.  And a little bit of Sleepydust goes a long way...

Why we don't  offer distance coaching?
Your baby is a complex individual. And so are your life circumstances. Every client has different needs and we can only meet them, when we have the chance to observe your baby and their environment. We want to make sure they are comfortable and safe.
After being with your family for a few days, we can answer your question over distance. Because by then, we already know you and your child!