Faith, Trust, and Sleepydust

Meet the Sleepfairy



Sandra Nishihata


Photo credit Media Lane Photography

Sandra's passion for growing families is rooted deeply.

She worked as a birth and postpartum doula all around the world and in her work with families in their postpartum period, she has seen many families struggle with unhealthy sleep patterns.

She is the mother of two beautiful children and widowed since 2014. Her passion for supporting families in their journey into parenthood is clearly visible in her career path: From being a doula and childbirth educator, doula trainer, doula agency owner, and last but not least bringing her expertise and knowledge about sleep training into your home.

Sandra knows very well how the lack of sleep can influence your family's life negatively. Postpartum depression, chronic health issues, and the pressure of nurturing and providing for her children, made her see the importance of good sleep, and the damage the lack of it can do.

She is looking forward to connect with your family and to support you in any way she can.