Faith, Trust, and Sleepydust





We have been there...

Let us tell you, that we have been where you are now: at the edge of parenting, rocking a baby to sleep every night, while you probably can hardly keep your own eyes open. And the moment you put your baby down, they wake up again. Or you finally get some things done and the moment you go to bed yourself, your baby is waking up and you start all over again. Or your baby isn't going to sleep at all from the very beginning...
You never knew what sleep deprivation meant until you had a child keeping you up all night. But a restful sleep is essential for good health and sanity. For you AND your baby!


“A happy and healthy family is not a fairytale. Good sleep will do magic.”

— Sandra Nishihata, Founder

Our Mission

Getting parents the sleep they not only deserve, but desperately need to function, is our goal. Can you imagine how good you would feel, if you could sleep through the night? Now think about the effect that would have on yourself, your children, your job, your daily life! Sounds amazing? IT IS!

Our Sleepfairy is ready to help you and your family on the sleep train!
Find out how!